Alpha Shadows


In it’s original Portuguese *A VONTADE translates as being at ease, at comfort, at home.  And the unexplained asterisk?  Usually denoting a footnote in written copy, the meaning of the asterisk here remains opaque, but the meaning of the brand is crystal.  Wearable, unshowy, finely detailed; *A VONTADE products are these things and more.  For while a number of brands draw reference from time honoured US and European workwear, military and sportswear, few manage to thread in an agreeable element of formality.  There’s a crispness, a sharpness to the finish that remains unblunted by the unstructured and loose silhouettes.  Perhaps it’s the high density fabrics?  Perhaps it’s the starkly striped shirting?  Whatever the formula, it results in collections that manage to harmonise relaxed crumples and crinkles with a keen-edged, stately refinement.