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Burlap Outfitter

From the guys behind the Japanese iteration of US brand Wild Things, comes Burlap Outfitter.  It’s a new brand (launched in 2015) but if you know Wild Things, you’ll find very similar design ideologies at play.  These are garments with a hankering for the great outdoors, utilitarian and robust, but executed with a clear lean towards urban living.  You don’t have to be a map and compass merchant to appreciate the tomorrow-prodding fabrics on show here.

Look out for Supplex, a synthetic fabric with the tactile and porous qualities of cotton, but the toughness of nylon and (the suitably sci-fi sounding) Pertex Equilibrium, with a wind resistant outer and a permeable inner to keep the wear cool.  Overall you can expect easy to wash, high-performance materials that are both light and warm and dry quickly after a one-to-one with the elements.  Design-wise, we’re somewhere between Olympic Pentathlete and Dalston Grime promoter.

The brand sums up its philosophy with the phase, ‘ask the fabric’.  Maybe you have to try Burlap Outfitter yourself to find the answer.