Alpha Shadows



Direct from Korea (a country currently germinating a batch of fresh players in the menswear landscape) Eastlogue is really starting to blow-up. Only four years old, the brand’s reinterpretation of western sportswear illustrates that the best fabrics always work, fresh eyes on established formulas can result in something special and ultimately things we often consider to be classics, can be improved on. Season-on-season designer Lee Dongki, blends relaxed sports coats, field jackets and broader 1930’s style silhouettes within his brainbox and generates something new. Expect concealed press studs, leather fastenings, startling pocket arrays and striking top stitch details. As with all Alpha Shadows' brands, Eastlogue isn’t about fashion, these garms will be straight fire whenever you wear them. The brand’s aesthetic is “simple, timeless and modest.” You know, the kind of modesty that makes you the best dressed guy in the room.