Alpha Shadows

Hasami Porcelain

Doesn’t matter whether you’re grinding your own Tanzania Peaberry, or spooning in some Gold Blend, people can’t clock what you’re drinking, but they can see what you’re drinking from. Hasami Porcelain originates from a part of Japan that has been kneading, carbonising and glazing for the last 400 years, so you know this stuff is the product of some fat knowledge. Firmer than earthenware, with an organic, gentle feel, the quality of the porcelain is matched only by the exacting nature of the design. The linearity, the stripped down nature of the pieces, is rooted in Japanese aesthetics, resulting in a singularly modern feel. And there’s further brain-wrangling going on behind the scenes too – all the pieces share the same diameter. So as well as being stackable and easily transported, you can get all multi-functional, by say, using a tray as a lid.