Alpha Shadows


We welcome another UK first to Alpha Shadows. Itten has a significant following amongst casual wear connoisseurs in its native Japan and its easy to see why. The contrast between time-honoured fabric processes and contemporary fits are expressly transparent in the brand’s work. ‘Aizome’ (or indigo dye) is employed throughout, and it’s particularly apparent in the pieces employing ‘Kasuri' cloth. These fabrics employ an ‘Ikat' approach (originally an Indonesian technique), creating pleasantly blurred patterns on the fabric, by treating sections of the cloth to resist the dying process. The results look like someones spilt a pint of Tipex over their radiology results - which just to be clear, is a strong look. 

But while the collections are steeped in history, don’t forget, this is clothing for the modern world. Cottons, Irish linens, and leather form like Voltron to provide a lightweight, flexible wardrobe of separates. And you’ll find some modernist and pretty challenging touches in the mix too. Apron style layers on shirts, kangaroo pouches, freaky corset details - Itten is a brand for the dude who knows confidence is just something other dudes don’t have.