Alpha Shadows


This is Kapital. It’s non-vintage-vintage. Remade. Re-dyed. Reconfigured. The garments are handcrafted to such a degree, you can almost feel the fingerprints in the fabric. Kapital is mutant Americana. Kapital is more powerful than god. 

Conceptualised, designed and delivered by father and son team Toshikiyo and Kiro Hirata since 1996, this is a brand like no other. A rigorous and exacting level of traditional craftsmanship collides with a contorted, cracked and truly unique aesthetic. The results are extraordinary. Quilting, deep indigo dying, oversized cuts, traditional Japanese garments, raw seams, appliqué, boro techniques, patchwork: a massive tool box is employed, realising garments grounded firmly in the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi; the understanding that the only route to perfection is to first embrace imperfection. 

Kapital makes clothing for the intrepid and the fearless. Whether it’s a pair of bold crocheted socks, a capacious robe coat, or a super-snug pillowy scarf, you will be noticed in Kapital. And that is just one of this remarkable brand’s gifts to you.