Alpha Shadows

Kira Ni Ceramics

With a design aesthetic recalling mid-century Scandinavian and American, Maltese ceramics studio Kira Ni treasures the artistry of the handmade. Working around the principles of minimalism, the brand allows the appeal of the materials, the processes and (through an adherence to the Japanese principles of Wabi-sabi) even the imperfections, to inform the charm of the products. The Kira Ni range is far from loud. More a whispered expression of subtlety, nuance and the honesty of human craft. As homey as they are modern. As austere as they are warm. 

These are not solely ornamentation, these are pieces to be used. Substantial enough for everyday use, the pieces have a functional relevance equal to their appearance. Twice fired stoneware clay provides the robust and unyielding foundation, while a typical product is glazed only on the inside, to maximise utility, retaining an exterior of straightforward, unaffected beauty.