Alpha Shadows


MASTER&Co. are committed to conceiving a new standard. By unifying the very finest Japanese craftspeople with matchless fabrics, the brand illustrates a steadfast focus on creating functional beauty. Avoiding the trivialities of trend and choosing instead to focus on products with permanence, MASTER&Co. make clothes to be used and used often. The constraints traditionally imposed by gender and age are ignored, allowing the brand to concentrate instead on comfort and functionality; the very experience of wear.  

Garments are designed and constructed using a wear-all-year-round ethos. Indeed, how the pieces respond to use, how they age, how the wearer leaves their mark, is integral to the brand’s philosophy. And yet, even with such focus on application and practicality, the clothes feel steadfastly new. They’re modern. They feel right for now. MASTER&Co’s genius is that they manage to show how the traditions of the past are often the most effective tools for defining the products of the future.