Alpha Shadows


With ‘coach’ and ‘boarder’ jackets in their arsenal, you may assume that this is a brand for the outdoorsman. A guy unshackled by a laptop, happy to mix it up in the snow, sand and soil. And you’d be right. Kind of. Because why Meanswhile produce gear totally suited to boarding, climbing and generally sprinting about the place, this kit also looks damn fine if you’re just lolling about moaning about the lack of 4G connectivity. Upside down pocketing, hidden zips and there are flaps, snaps and straps all over the place – it’s a true and very clear blend of classical, practical design meeting some future-peering voodoo. The brand may believe that “design is a means to an end, not the end itself”, but the end looks pretty good to us. Keep your eye out for the sewn-down shirt collars, that’s some cool alternative to a button-down right there.