Alpha Shadows


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There’s outdoor wear, and then there’s Nanamica. Founded in Tokyo by Eiichiro Homma in 2003, the brand has consistently dominated the conversation around performance-driven garments with a more progressive aesthetic. The astute will spot four key influences in the mix: sportswear, military outfitting, workwear and vintage. However the collections are so resolutely modern, so definitively current, that drawing out specifics can be difficult. But look closely, it’s all there: in the subversion of a naval basic through surprising fabrication, in the liberal use of triple-stitched reinforcement, in the sympathetic hue of a nylon lining. 

From the outset Nanamica set out to be a brand with its own identity. And while there have been a number of collaborations (Woolrich, Filson, Dr. Martens) and Homma’s ongoing The North Face Purple Label, Nanamica has remained resolutely on target. The brand fuses highly technical (breathable, waterproof and windproof) fabrics with a serious and refined design proposition; creating a highly desirable signature that could only be Nanamica.