Alpha Shadows


Alpha Shadows is proud to present Needles. The brand falls beneath the revered Japanese umbrella brand Nepenthes (home of Engineered Garments and South2 West8) and is designed by the founder Keizo Shimizu. The most challenging of the Nepenthes brands, Needles creates associations between a military themes, vintage americana, sportswear and traditional Japanese garments to create collections that, frequently to western eyes, appear in turn highly unusual and insanely contemporary. Shimizu’s play with fabrication is unmatched and it’s not uncommon to find velour, snakeskin prints and fake fur all vying for attention in the same collection. The cut is roomy, and the details weird and wonderful, but never at the expense of wearability. Needles is a brand for the connoisseur - a collection that lets the wearer play with personal style and have a lot of fun along the way.