Alpha Shadows


Existing at the frontier between night and day, sleep and awake, lies NOWHAW.  An initial glance might suggest the brand’s boxy shapes, natural cotton hems and drawstring fastenings are simply designed to be accessorised with a duvet and cocoa.  And yet, this collection is as much for out and about as cocooned and inert. 

Sure, the fabrics are soft (cotton seersuckers, 6oz denims) and yes, we’re in elasticated waist territory, but the progressively-minded menswear aficionado will find this less a barrier and more a challenge.  The loose trousers work superbly with a neat, box-fresh sneaker, while the shirts can be worn as a roomy blazer to smarten up almost any look.  Bring an open mind and an appetite to move the menswear conversation forward and you and the NOWHAW collection will prove excellent bedfellows. 

Incredibly comfortable to wear, and easy to mix and match as separates within your existing wardrobe, NOWHAW’s range is about as relaxed as it’s possible to be without being unconscious.