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As the brand name implies, orSlow are all about a mad-leisurely approach to their design and craft process. Renowned for their Japanese selvage denim, the full line draws from late 19th and early 20th century work and military wear, to bang out seriously wearable clothes. They’re constructed to withstand the rigours of contemporary life. But even if your most challenging daily activity is deciding whether to add chilli flakes to your nduja and lambs lettuce pizza, you can be sure you’ll look on point doing it.

The collection’s head-boffin, Ichiro Nakasu, is an obsessive clothes hoarder, and has personally swagged a world-class collection of vintage workwear and Americana. It’s an obsession that extends to the craftsmanship behind orSlow. Old shuttle looms are used to manufacture the denim, while the design team spend crazy time poking around the globe, seeking out special fabrics for specific garments.

Contrary to the fast fashion landscape, orSlow are about gentle consideration. Design details are fairly minimal, the brand is all about pondering the correct level of elements to include, the right construction methods and generally taking their time to produce products which last.