Alpha Shadows


A range aimed squarely at the travellers, the get-out-and-goers, the kind of people that know Transnistria is an actual place. Hailing from the Czech Republic, Poutnik, is actually a sub-brand of Tilak and previously exclusive to the Japanese market. It’s all about highly functional, highly comfortable and highly practical travelwear. But in a way that doesn’t negate style. Top end performance and water-repelling fabrics are deployed for outerwear, these are cut into minimalistic toggle and button-free designs - probably in anticipation of a post-apocalyptic future where anything for irradiated zombies to grab hold of is a hazard. Sweat shirting is similarly tomorrow-peering. Expect asymmetric hidden pocketing, angular top-sticking and thumb-loops. if they remade Logan’s Run today, Poutnik would make an ideal wardrobe for a journey into the unexpected.