Alpha Shadows


The PRAS line of footwear boasts a specific vulcanised sole.  It’s a sole so specific it’s currently produced by only two factories in Japan.  No surprise then that PRAS footwear remains highly prized amongst serious sneaker aficionados.  For those who demand a quality build, enhanced by the kind of gravitas that comes with being hard-to-find, PRAS delivers.  But more than that, these are sneakers to wear, to enjoy and to love. 

Designed and Developed by Tanushi Tomoki, they may share manufacturing methods akin to the footwear used by the US Navy during WWII, but they have a resolutely contemporary lean too.  Offering a mature and unshowy silhouette, natural canvas uppers and subtle red stitch detail on the heel, PRAS footwear is as easy to style as it is robust.  Refined, subdued and calming, while hardly an exhibitionist’s choice, PRAS always delivers the life and sole.