Alpha Shadows


Exploring an uncharted hinterland between T-shirt and sweatshirt, Japanese brand Tieasy produce beautiful cotton tops that provide an extra level of warmth, while remaining breathable and extremely light to wear. Of course, these are not simply cotton tops. Reconditioned, post-war weaving machines are employed to create what is known as HDCS cotton - an extremely high-density weave that takes considerable time and the talents of skilled artisans to perfect. 

While the highest quality organic cotton is sourced from the USA, the spinning, knitting and dying all takes place in Japan. The colour density and washes are sublime and these, teamed with simple loose cuts, result in products which will age fabulously and provide carefree wear for years to come. Tieasy products are the sort of thing you really need to see and feel for yourself. Once you do, everything else will seem strangely insubstantial by comparison.