Alpha Shadows


Both illusive and revered, Workers have been producing their specifically Japanese take on classic Americana since 2004. Referencing everything from military fatigues, through to Ivy League madras and Oxford cotton staples, the Workers imprint has become synonymous amongst menswear devotees with authenticity, quality and exactitude. 

Gimmick free, the brand appears to exist primarily to venerate the standards of the past and to pass them on to a new generation - with the occasional inclusion of a considered, granular tweak. Modifications to tried and tested formulas are not made lightly. Indeed, year after year, fans can expect to re-stock on favourite styles, encountering the bare minimum of seasonal adaptation. Workers is not a brand for slavish trend followers. It’s suited for those who appreciate the quality of Japanese cloth and manufacture, enjoy well cut standards with no expiry date and understand that basically, it’s impossible to improve on perfection.